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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Nice joke

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

around 5 crores showered on this bhajan singer

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Video Series of my ebook Productivity 3.0

Video Series of Productivity 3.0, all the chapters will be explained in the video this is the first one

Saturday, 13 August 2016

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nice Thought

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Pros and Cons of Religion and Modern Ethics

this is just one of the major factor of human evolution

The reason why humans have evolved and got civilised because we restrained our animal instincts like murdering , controlled our greed for food, for sex, every one controlled some  of his urges for benefit of whole society, so that we don’t spend time fighting each other and peace was established, rules were established to maintain peace.

Chimp and humans have humans just have 1% difference in there dna, but the difference is great, chimps can never be civilised because they spend their time fighting each other, a big chimp will always stay guard to all the females in his group, as if he has the only rights over them, he will not allow any other chimp to come near to his female chimps, he is the leader and he has to keep all girls, chimps wastes all day fighting for food and sex, while humans have rules, we don’t stay guard to our females as society have maintained restrain
A leader chimps position is never safe, he always dies a violent death, since benefits of being the leader are so high, all the other chimps want to be the leader, because that is the only hierarchy available, if they can be the leader, they can have best food, best tree and all the females for sex.

Humans can only thrive with cooperation with other humans, this is where religion came into play for establishing civilised society, religion strictly enforced marriage system, sex outside the marriage was considered a big sin, and punishment was death, people were told if u do sex without marriage god will punish you, they lied about it, god doesn’t care about your sex life, he is plenty of useful things to do, but that served the purpose of establishing peace, people were not fighting for sex.

Cooperation has its benefits, we cannot be farmer, doctor, butcher, cook, engineer, mechanic, everything at the same time, and we need each other to solve our problems. That’s why work was divided in the early times.

Before religion men were savagery, uncivilised they just picked up any females they want and had sex with them no rules, no control, no regulation. Fear of god was good enough to stop animal urges among men, and peace was established. Society thrived.

Religion has long served its purpose, now our society is more civilized we don’t rape women, just because she is not covering her face, but still large number follow old rules and impose it all upon us, that has disturbed peace, but believe me we are living in the most peaceful era, current violence is nothing if we compared that with our ancient world, it is not like ancient world, where person who has stick is always right.

I will like to give some pros and cons of religion
Pros of Religion
  • Use of fear to control human animal urges, but it has helped in establishing peace in the society and society could function
  • People think killing, robbing is sin and they don’t do it
  • If we see other man eating sandwich, we don’t just go and grab his sandwich, while if dog sees         another dog eating, he will try to snatch.
  • Gave some initial guidelines on how society should function
  • Religion inspires kindness , forgiveness
  • Motivates you to be giver
  • Religion helps reduce fear of death, since it teaches soul is immortal, animals don’t believe in god, so are very much afraid of life, religion teaches us that you will born again, that reduces fear of death a lot

 Cons of religion

  • Religion incites lot of violence, there are many blind followers when questioned will kill questioner.
  • Cannot question the authority, you are told to follow, you cannot argue the teachings, you have to accept all of it even if you doubt.
  • Most religious leaders are old n impotent and they hate women, that’s why so much restriction was on women.
  • Religion is very hard on women, some religions considers women to be inferior to man in terms of intelligence and her only purpose is to have children.
  • Restricts freedom of expression and free thinking, which is required in today’s world.
  • Rules they established are timeless and universally true, nothing is timeless and everything changes, and nothing can be universally applied, women,  education was considered to be sin, now it is not a sin.

Ask a man in Saudi Arabia what he did his entire life, he will say eat, sleep,shi.. and five times namaz, each prayer time is around half an hour, that means he spent his 2.30 hrs in prayers, that is whole day they pray and nothing else

Ask women in Saudi Arabia what she did her entire life; her entire life would usually be the same day.
Such restricted life is unimaginable, it restricts your freedom, your right for happiness, and you are forced to think only in a certain way, if you try to wander you will be punished harshly.

West is advance because there religion gives them lot of freedom, that’s why most of scientist are from west, and there is no scientist from Saudi Arabia.

Religion has long served its purpose, now we are more civilized than religion thought us to be, we even care for animal rights, while most religion states that some animals are born to be killed and to be eaten

Now modern ethics say that everyone has right to live, even insects and snakes, there purpose is not to serve humans, but there purpose is something different and not related to our benefits

we are evolving more to be humans