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Saturday, 30 January 2016


A case of elderly couple, Husband kills his wife and tries to make it look like as if it was armed robbery, and she was killed in that robbery
But soon he was caught, police later found that he was with his wife at the time of murder, and he just tried to make a scene by calling 911

he murdered his wife, and later was driving car just around the house and calling 911, yelling that his wife is not picking up the phone and he heard some horrifying voices, and he is worried about it.

police was able to find out, because his cell phone was at home, when he killed his wife, and police was able to find out, that he was just driving around the home and making calls to 911, because his cell phone was with him.

one hardcore criminal vijay palande from mumbai, was using his model girl friend to lure rich individuals and took them to lonavala, khandala, where her boy friend used to lay a trap, then he used to kill those individuals and take their BMW, MERCDEZ and all their luxury cars, and later used to register their car on his name, he even  registered properties of the victims on his name, whom he murdered

he was arrested because of over whelmly evidence against him, he was caught and was helped by one policeman to escape, but was caught again

in these 2 cases the criminals were caught, because they were carrying cell phone, which continuously advertise their location to the tower, telcos need your cell phone location, to forward your calls to you. killer vijay palande was keeping his cell phone in his pocket and was running, constantly advertising his location

Recently 14-15 IS supporters were caught, because they were chatting with IS HR Managers, mostly likely post was suicide bomber.

it is surprising to see, internet connection working in Syria, even though it is bombed heavily, HR Recruiters of IS, still manages to come online looking for new recruits, and find time to chat and convince possible new recruits.

Ip Address of Egypt, Syria, Iraq are flagged, any one who chats with these people are immediately flagged and monitored
similarly if you are even friend of these individuals you are also flagged and monitored

chat records, emails are stored for a long time, if they are monitored or accessed by NIA they are stored permanently
that is over whemly evidence against these individuals

Sharukh khan was taken in custody in USA, not because he was Muslim but because he was in touch with MQM members, political party of Pakistan, which is very violent and has been doing many violent incidence in Pakistan, and so he was flagged.

NIA is using big data, to store call records, Facebook records, gmail records, whatsapp records, everything, and they can trace directly to individual level

even photos of Instagram, whatsapp are used to bio metric scanning, facial recognition, which can be used to track terrorist moving around


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