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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Productivity 3.0 Ebook For Free

Better Time Management and Productivity Techniques for the Current time

 have written a book on Productivity
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Old planning techniques doesn’t work, it’s because they are old and outdated, previously if anyone study accounts and become an accountant he will be doing the same work for his entire life time, so he is pretty used to it and can do his work with ease, he can plan things since all the work is almost repetitive work, once he studies accountancy and have the skills to do the job, his life is set, he can focus on different things now and can automate, can plan things further since situation around him is the same, he can optimize the situation.

But now things around you are changing rapidly even if you refused to change, you will have to change or else you will be replaced☺,
Job security is a myth now, hardly any company stays longer than 10 years, most startups die within 2-3 years, and if you are working in any of those companies you have a problem.
That’s why old time management and planning fails, because it requires a static situation, and today’s world is dynamic and things around you change rapidly and you are not sure what to do, you did a computer course thinking that will help you getting a job and make your life secure, but after few months after wasting money on that course you are still not able to get the job, the skills you learned are not in demand.

Today’s world demands you to be creative, situation around you will be changing and your plans are bound to fail unless you adjust your plans according to the situation.
That’s why you need mental space and energy to be able to think on the problems and have solution, that’s why you need clutter free mind. If you are busy or overwhelmed with your situation, you won’t notice any changes around since your brain is already occupied.

I am giving you certain tips which will help you to have that mental space to be able to think and be creative.
There are only 168 hours in a week, 24* 7
8 hours sleep daily -56 (8*7)
Food including breakfast and occasional eating -14 hrs. (2 hours daily 2* 7)
Bathroom and toilet including occasional leaks 7 hrs.( at least 1 hour daily 1*7)
Commuting to work—14 hours(2*7 at least 2 hours daily)
You just get 77 hours in a week for productive purpose, if you are a family man and with kids than half of your productive time kids will consume

That means if you are a family man you just have productive 40 hours, in that time you have to achieve your goals, actually very less time to achieve anything.
Your time will end even if you start working on anything

Mental space is necessary, you know why people fall into such easy scam tricks, because they are overwhelmed with decision making and too much information processing  to the extent they stop thinking, they just do what they feel right, they just want that positive thought to be true. You must have seen how people are fooled by Nigerian scammers on million dollars lottery winning and amazingly people fall for such simple tricks, because they have stopped using their brains.
Iam going to give you tips, where you can automate most of the tasks and have more time for yourself so that you have mental space to think, what’s going on with your life, and how you can improve upon it.


  1. One's own life and living needs and requirements in different environments are always different from other individuals in reality, so one can't impose his ways of living with the rests of others in actuality concerned.

    I never like to waste my time as all are only having 24 hours per day to consume, so i design my own system to maximize my actions and works and relax or sleeping or eating times with own ways of soft exercises and stretching of body and limbs, so this will make me so healthy and so good with mental and physical and emotional health with simple but nutritious foods/drinks i prepare and cook myself everyday without fail.

    Never worry and make yourself anxieties when one is on the mission to do one's deed and action to complete one's project, but one has to plan and review one's feasibility to succeed in real project to avoid any unnecessary failure when one is having good wisdom with knowledge, experience and intelligence to do anything in good timing and opportunity relating to one's own strategy in order to succeed in one's work, project, or any plan accordingly.

    So life and living are all individual and differ in adaptation of one's changeable environment in one's daily activities. But all the basic thing is to keep simple, faster, more efficient and effective in one's limited time and life still available in the world anywhere one is living now and then.

    So one has to adapt and suit oneself to bring more time for productivity, relaxation, health generation, enjoying the fruit f success in reality, with least trouble, risk of any relationship with friends, co-workers, lovers, wife and family daily problems, with proper management and practice of good living practices in anything one trying to do in his own way to bring more happiness, health and success individually rather than in group or in public matters, like most politicians and businessmen who are in stress and pressure all the times due to greed and wrong mixes and erroneous applications due to oversight most of one's time.

    Cheers to those who have been successful in life and living individually or togetherness in family or company concerned, with one's own ways and wisdom in living anywhere in this compact world now.

    The real success of oneself is the fulfillment of one's health, honor, happiness with legal wealth for one's own life in the world, irrespective of whether one is super or ultra rich or poor since no one will take single cent or any wealth to one's graveyard when he die one day sooner or later.

    1. Good and perfect thinking. Go ahead.

    2. I like these advises and i believe it is the reality in life to every human being. Thanks and keep it on.

  2. good i was looking for such info

  3. Really i liked this types use full messages thanks and forward my friends and family

  4. Really i liked this types use full messages thanks and forward my friends and family

  5. Really i liked this types use full messages thanks and forward my friends and family

  6. Yeah i started reading this book. i have read introduction..! any body of todays trend will connect to this book

  7. Are the medicines prescribed in the book for mental focus steroids ? Are they banned substances ? Are they medically safe ?

    1. they are not banned substances, but modafinil will increase ur heart beat, even red bull raise ur heart beat, thats what i experienced,

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  9. I don't know how did you find my email but i would like to thank for sending mail about this ebook. Firstly I was going to send your mail to spam then I thought lets give it a chance. Nice writing. Read 6 page out of 23 so far.

  10. Dear Amin, Your book is good absolutely lovely, but only one point how can a person work or be productive after 180 ml vodka that is close to 4-6 drinks.And it is surely harmful for health. The safer limit although debated is not more than 100 ml of vodka or whisky.

    1. i drink over 180 ml daily and iam perfectly fine, it boosts energy levels, i have noticed myself, besides that i also take supplements, that gives me lot of energy

      in the morning when you wake up, you will feel the freshness and energy, active and alertness

      bio hacking expert "Dave Asprey" recommends vodka

    2. malnutrituion is the major cause of jet lag, nobody likes to think they are malutrition, infact most ppl do not consume enough to have energy to be highly productive, lack of nutrients and exercise is also a cause of decrease in cognitive ability

  11. Very Good...


  12. I read the chapter 14 on drinking Soylent instead of cooking and eating. IMHO that is an insane advice.

    Long meals with friends are part of better living. They also help you stay slender because you won't overeat.

    And long love-making is an important psrt of a happy life. What's the point of working oneself to death without enjoying one's life which includes good tasting food of various varieties, laughing with friends, sleeping with a mate, wakingup after a good night's sleep then posibly start the day with some morning love-making cum exercise.

    1. what you are saying is life of an avg person, eat,sleep, n shi,, if you have lofty goals in life, you got to have more time for yourself so that u can focus more on that goal, every 1 has 24 hours only, u got to adjust time to have more time to focus on things you wana do or achieve, nothing comes easy, iam using soylent as meal replacement, saves lot of time for myself, it also saves your lot of toilet time, read again that chapter, that is going to be future food, have seen "jetson family" in cartoon network, he just pops a pill and his lunch is over, it took him just 2 seconds to finish lunch, as population increases it wont be able to feed all even with modern agriculture techniques

  13. The book is crisp, like your advice the 23 pages were a real quick read like the last minute revision you do for your exams. All the while you would have read many books, but somehow it feels like most of the questions come from the last minute brushing you did. After reading so many books and attending workshops, this one hits point blank and tells us what to do and what not to. Thank You Mr.Nagpure

    With best regards


  14. Your books are really handy, bring an inspiration and require no perspiration ;) The content is so concise and beautifully put it is a pleasure reading. Thank you you are doing a great job!
    With Warm Regards,
    PSR :)

  15. gud job in production management

  16. Thanks for so much useful tips... I really need to meditation and will try to regain focus. Other tips are also very interesting and worth implementing :)

  17. Amin has not just incorporated practical and useful methods by using which one can attain maximum growth and development in personal and professional life, but also eliminated long prevailing myths about time management and productivity.
    This book is not time consuming and helps readers exactly delivering key points to make out the best out of our day.
    I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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  19. thanks a ton.
    this will really help.

  20. I read this book Thank you very much for this info.

  21. Yes...Really i like this types use full messages thanks and forward my friends and family god help you.

  22. really i like this ebook ....... so thanks priti jain

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  24. thanks for the book