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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ebook about 3D Printing, Everybody Printing

This book is about 3D printing Technology, how can you benefit from it, and also make money in 3D Printing Industry.

it is available on amazon
you can download it from here

You can download it from here

Download in Pdf format

Download in Rar Format


  1. Thanks for the book & the info provided. However one important point which has been ove looked is the actual materials required for the 3d printing. Most of the so called 3d printers will work with specific thermoplastic or thermal / optical laser sensitive raw materials which are useful only as models. U cannot have a working part with such materials. Where u have to have working parts, special materials as per the product will be required and such materials are expensive considering the exact 3d printing techniq required. Hope you can enlighten us with some information for such advanced applications.

    1. new material is constantly getting developed, there is also material well suited for shoes, check out the carbon m1 printer it looks very promising, iam going to 3d print my shoes will update my experience, jaipur foot

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  4. This technique will be more benefit if we produce working parts....