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Monday, 22 February 2016

Why Every one must use kindle

Kindle is better option to read books than physical books,  myself have purchased kindle and found it to be very useful for reading wide variety of books, it has special screen which looks like cardboard and safe for your eyes.

Paper is the 4th most polluting industry, so many trees need to be cut, chemicals to be added to make paper, better the paper quality more the chemicals used more the pollution created.
those polluting chemicals are then released in water and air.

reduce use of paper, reduce pollution.

use kindle to read books than to buy physical books, kindle books are very cheap compared to the physical books and instantly available for download. so you save your time and money. and also help environment.

kindle has wide variety of books available and lots of good books are available for free, when i purchased kindle, i also purchased paid eBooks, i downloaded almost all the free eBooks, if it is free i downloaded it. even if the subject matter is not of my interest, i downloaded poem eBooks, politics, history, everything, i read lot of them and found it to be very useful, gained new knowledge and insight.

if you dont have money to buy kindle, you can install kindle on your computer or on your mobile device.

Click this link to download all free ebooks

its free you got nothing to luse, download as much as you can, whenever you get time you can read them.

not publisher opts to print books, if you have good information on particular topic you can publish your eBook on kindle and it is available to wide audience of people, every person has a option here,

you don't need to be writer to write books, previously only writers were writing the books, so information flow was limited, if you are good in gardening and wanted to write book on gardening you also need to be good in grammer and writing skills to publish the book. if you are not a writer, but  you got good information which can be useful to others, you can write books for kindle.

if you are not well known writer publishing house will require you to pay the printing cost, but publishing on kindle is free.

everybody knows something better than others, your knowledge might help others , kindle provides the opportunity to tell what you know to others.


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