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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Safe Surgery

Have you ever heard, that doctor forget towel in a person stomach after operation, I have heard this numerous times, surgical towels are used either they are placed under the organ to stop bleeding or give better exposure of that organ to the doctor so doctor can operate,  sometimes doctor forgets that towel and close the cut.

Actually towels are counted before getting into operating table, dustbin is emptied, each time towels are counted before inserting and removing, but even then can doctors forget them, it is quite a common scene with every 1/3000 to 1/5000 cases, in case of stomach operation it is 1 in 1000/1500.

this is not actually doctors carelesnes, but human error, there is such a mess during operation
this mistake is serious trouble to patients, they might develop puss in that area, severe infection and pain


IOT(Internet of Things)
is going to help here

In order to solve this problem surgical towels should be equipped with RFID, so that each towel can be identified, and by installing RFID antennas it is possible to track all the towels and make sure that no towels are missing

Currently because of very high prices surgical towels with integraed RFID are not available in market but it is completely implemented in Munich Germany Isar River University Hospital.


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