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Friday, 1 April 2016

What would nature do?

Everybody will like to do right thing, if they know what right thing they have to do, that's why iam writing this post to make every one aware of it.

Environmental issue topic is very big, i will restrict my focus on key points, which a common man can do

i have seen many tea stalls serve tea, in plastic cups they love it, since they don't have to wash the cups after serving tea to every customer, they are cheap and one time use, use it and throw it.

but that thrown cup has to go somewhere, imagine how many such plastic cups are used everyday, in Mumbai and around 2 crores people are there, i guess at-least 50,000 cups are used and thrown every day, it is definitely more than i anticipate, but i don't have exact figures.

few weeks earlier, i went to resort like place in karjat(Yamuna Baug), the place was very nice, jungle like, with mango trees, along side the river, but on the outskirt of the resort, i found so many beer bottles, Styrofoam cups, plastic cups and many plastic carry bags, people who came to the picnic partied a lot, and threw away all these things, the dump was accumulating and was growing

every waste we create has to go somewhere, every plastic cup we use to drink beer or tea has to go somewhere, we can minimize this waste by carrying steel glasses to the picnic to use for drinking beer, we can use glass cups to drink tea, we can avoid plastic carry bag, instead use reusable jute bags

with so much waste we create, by using use and throw products, that we will need larger and larger dumping grounds. where will the waste go, it has to go somewhere

imagine how daily plastic tea cups are  used to drink tea and after use they are thrown, imagine how many people carry plastic or Styrofoam glasses to picnic to drink beer or whiskey and then they throw such glasses, its not one or two, 100s of people go to green picnic area and do this, now calculate how much waste it has created.

current methods for managing waste are not good enough, even recycling is costly, it is polluting
they dump such waste either in land fills or simply dump it. people staying around with dumping area have to live with disgusting stink. there is always a issue where will the waste go, nobody like to stay near the dumping area.

land fills is no choice, because it gets in the way of soil's natural process of cleaning water

what we can do to avoid waste?

government should stop this use and throw production unit, people use it and throw and creates lot of waste, every product thrown has to go somewhere, either we have to dump it somewhere or burn it causing air pollution which is also not good option.
Ban production of plastic carry bags altogether, ban plastic glasses, ban all the use and throw products, 40% + waste is mostly plastic

Educate people about using reusable and long lasting products, so that we don't need to throw them out, basically people are not aware that they are creating so much waste

Recycle is no Option, it is highly polluting, it is just a buzz word used by manufacturing companies to fool people and market their product.

always try to use reusable products, use the product again and again, so that we don't need to throw it.
Avoid using paper, paper production is very polluting, you can buy eBooks instead of physical books, use tablet or computer to read books.

you can say that it is recycled, but thats wrong, not every product is recycled, because it is costly and it is also highly polluting, and the quality of the product which is recycled is deteriorated.

it is actually use and throw products which are causing so much waste, over 40% of waste i can see is mostly plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic carry bags.

if we do not minimize waste, we will soon will have to have more and larger dumping grounds, and it is not a nice experience to stay besides dumping ground.


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