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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why Ebook Publishers are Hiring Virtual Assitants

why eBook publishers are hiring virtual assistants and paying them very good money

eBook publishers are writing for kindle, kindle is a eBook reading device
it reads like paper, and pleasant for eyes

millions of books available on kindle in wide variety of category

i have kindle and have over 1500 eBooks in it, there are lot of eBooks for free on kindle
kindle is not much used in India, but in Europe and america many people are using
it is quick way to buy, eBook is instantly available on kindle and eBooks on kindle are very cheap
their is no printing cost.
so now question is

so why this eBook publishers hire virtual assistants to promote there eBooks

at least 36000 eBooks are uploaded on Amazon per day, that is lot of eBooks
and Amazon have over millions of eBooks on there website

so if publisher uploads his ebook, it will be nowhere to be seen, it will get lost in the sea
of ebooks

each and every item in amazon has a sales rank, the more the product gets sold, lesser the
sales rank is

amazon is in the buisness of making money, more the sales product makes,lesser the sales rank is
and amazon will promote that product more, it will be displayed on the front page, and it will also be prefered in search

ebook publishers are higher virtual assitants to boost  artificial sales, they wll pay you to buy ebooks
and will also pay you for working

what virtual assitants will be doing is buy other publishers ebook and ask him to buy theirs
that way the buy each others book, that boosts the sales rank of the book and
it is shown more to customers and prefered in search

without artificial sales their ebook will get lost in the sea of ebooks, it wont be even visible on amazon
to keep visibility of their ebooks, they have to make sales

best thing about this job, you are paid to be whole day on facebook,read ebooks and review
and pay is around $5 per hour, some are getting more 10-20 dollars per hour.

this artificial sales take place mostly on facebook
show facebook

i have list of facebook groups on my blog where this ebook promotion takes place
link of the blog is below this video

you can join them and learn more about it


there are 1000s of group, once you join few, facebook will auto suggest you groups


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