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Monday, 20 June 2016

How to be Rapper the Easy Way

Rapping is a skill which takes years of practise, it takes practise to make lyrics but now with the software any one can do it.

there is a online software tool which can generate lyrics for you on particular topics, it has database of 10,000+ rap artist, it will combine all the data and create lyrics for you, very human like

its an algorithm called "DeepBeat" which creates song, they are computer generated songs but very human like

you can try it

and to add music to your rap song, you just need an available on android called "Music Maker Jam", download that app, create your own music and you can sing in between music tones, way 2 easy to be a singer, all it just takes is an android phone and will to create a song.

This song was made using deepbeat algo


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