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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nice Thought


  1. HINDHUS are now Consider as LEAST BOTHER CATEGORY in the WORLD, Whatever other two religions-say Muslim/Christians, all HINDU COMMUNITY not DEBATE /NOT OBJECTING ANY DEROGATORY COMMENTS either in PUBLIC or In MEDIA.

    Both Muslims/Christians are RAISING UNWANTED Issues,which is no way encourage their religion, JUST for CREATING HOWACK/FEARNESS( QUERALMENTALITY/CRIMINAL MINDSET like them )among Hindus(Because Hindus are not HAVING UNITY with in the Street of a Village or even in Capital Cities and nO ONE DARE ENOUGH TO QUESTION Muslims/Christians for unwanted COMMENTS MADE ON HINDUS.ALL POLITICAL PARTIES SUPPORT HEM ONLY NOT HINDUS because fo VOTE BANK POLITICS from Village Surpanch level to MLA/CM/PM. THIS IS THE FATE OF INDIAN HINDUS and OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM.

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