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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Massive Ponzy scheme launched, bigger than speakasia, 999 trillion dollars of scam in making

there is a website called

it is a complete scam and ponzy scheme, they claim to be cryptocurrency and block-chain, but they are not.

i investigated them because some of my friends have invested money in that, it is just a website hosted on cloudflare cloud servers, not a blockchain.

it is a simple affiliate program with 7 levels deep, where you get monthly 20% appreciation and also some percentage from the people whom you have recruited.

blockchain is open source and maintains a public ledger, decentralized application, edinarcoin is central and not open source public ledger.

it is not even a cryptocurrency, it is just a website when you register you pay, and then add numbers to your account, and when others join under you, they pay and they get numbers and you also get paid for bringing in fools.

they are fooling people by using buzzwords like block-chain, cryptocurrency, which people hardly understand., i have written book about blockchain please download that.

there was similar scam earlier called onecoin.com
it duped and scamed millions of people

chinese master mind of mlm scheme were arested
On March 16th 2016, police moved in and arrested Ms. Liao (40), Ms. Lin (39) and Mr. Cao (45). Police also seized computers, cell phones and bank cards as criminal evidence.

Following the arrests, it was initially reported that police had seized $30.8 million USD. Additional asset-freezes on real-estate and bank accounts has seen that figure rise to $45.7 million USD.

such a massive level recovery from these guys alone.

while owners operate from different country, but people who are promoting these schemes gets arrested.

speakasia ceo never got arrested she is staying in uk, but the people who were staying in india who promoted speakasia got arrested.

if you join this scheme expecting lot of returns and recruit others, you might get arrested when the bubble bursts.

spread this information, and dont make these ponzi mlm guys any richer.


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