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Monday, 23 January 2017

New Way to Make money, just like you post on facebook, post on this website and make money

if you check out this url and look below the content, this one single post has made this person $127, when i saw that


there is a new website called steemit.com, which pays users to post content on that website, more your post is up voted, more money you get.

you also get money to up vote another person post. so in short you get money if someone promotes your content and also get money when you promote another persons content

some guys are making $15000-$20000 per month, just by posting on steemit

steemit is application built on block-chain technology, as of now it is not serious competition with Facebook, but unlike Facebook, it pays its users for creating content.

steemit pays in bitcoins or directly in dollars you choose what you want

you just signup on that website and post content like you post on Facebook


you find it bit confusing at start because its block-chain technology, because its altogether different

once you signup, you have to save your password in text file, you loose your password, you loose your account

steemit is social network, built on block-chain technology

join the revolution

this is not scam, i have checked it thoroughly, it is legitimate


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