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Monday, 21 October 2019

Liked on YouTube: How to Host a Website with IPFS

How to Host a Website with IPFS

How to Host a Website with IPFS In this video we will learn: Add directories to IPFS Access files with gateway.ipfs.io Get an IPNS peer ID Update Your Pages Make a pretty URL Examples: https://ift.tt/2Mz5VeY https://ift.tt/2P7KIdB https://ift.tt/2BwH597 IPFS: https://ipfs.io IPFS for Websites: https://ift.tt/2K87jBv ************************************** CONTACT INFO ************************************** YouTube: http://bit.ly/mr-rigden Homepage: https://jasonrigden.com Email jasonrigden@gmail.com GitHub: https://ift.tt/2sd4uZN Twitter: https://twitter.com/mr_rigden Medium: https://ift.tt/2NbNwUP Facebook: https://ift.tt/2BtshbB Instagram: https://ift.tt/32EQ4Bm Linkedin: https://ift.tt/2Bs9ixW ************************************** GIVE ME MONEY ************************************** https://ift.tt/35OVs6K
via YouTube https://youtu.be/b6Epn_-vaqQ


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