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Monday, 14 October 2019

Liked on YouTube: What You Need To Know Before The Next Global Financial Crisis

What You Need To Know Before The Next Global Financial Crisis

What You Need To Know Before The Next Global Financial Crisis In this video I clearly explain what is happening in the global financial system. How central banks, governments, households & businesses got themselves into this situation, & their options now they are caught between a rock & a hard place. With too much debt in the system the only option is negative interest rates. But that is straining the banks which could bring down the economy if they collapse. The bond market is in a bubble. The stock market is overvalued. Property is overvalued. Growth is slowing, it looks like we are heading for a global recession or depression. It will take extraordinary measures to pay all the unfunded liabilities & keep all the derivatives from collapsing the financial system. This is what you need to know before the next financial crisis. #Finance #Economics #Money Join our exclusive crypto community: https://nuggetsne.ws/community Learn the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: https://nuggetsne.ws/learn Get free weekly analysis delivered to your inbox: https://nuggetsne.ws/email Read our premier weekly digest: https://nuggetsne.ws/digest Need 1-on-1 consulting with Alex? https://nuggetsne.ws/1-on-1 — 👤 WANT MORE OF NUGGET’S NEWS? 👤 What is Nugget’s News? https://nuggetsne.ws/whatis Nugget’s News Crypto Podcast: https://nuggetsne.ws/podcast Facebook: https://nuggetsne.ws/facebook Twitter: https://nuggetsne.ws/twitter LinkedIn: https://nuggetsne.ws/linkedin Instagram: http://nuggetsne.ws/instagram Reddit: https://nuggetsne.ws/reddit — 🔁 MY RECOMMENDED CRYPTO EXCHANGES & BROKERS 🔁 Beginner:    •  eToro (10% Deposit Bonus): https://nuggetsne.ws/eToro    •  CoinSpot: https://nuggetsne.ws/coinspot    •  Coinbase: https://nuggetsne.ws/coinbase    •  Coinjar: https://nuggetsne.ws/coinjar    •  Caleb & Brown (Broker): https://ift.tt/3334VVG    •  HiveEx (Broker): https://nuggetsne.ws/hiveex Intermediate:    •  Bybit: https://nuggetsne.ws/bybit    •  Binance: https://nuggetsne.ws/binance Advanced:    •  FTX: https://nuggetsne.ws/ftx — 💰 MY RECOMMENDED GOLD & SILVER DEALER 💰  Ainslie Wealth: https://nuggetsne.ws/ainslie — 🔒 MY RECOMMENDED CRYPTO STORAGE SOLUTIONS 🔒 Ledger: https://nuggetsne.ws/ledger Trezor: https://nuggetsne.ws/trezor — Own cryptocurrency in your superannuation: https://nuggetsne.ws/nbc Need your tax done in Australia? https://nuggetsne.ws/tax Cryptocurrency trading courses:    •  Trader Cobb: https://nuggetsne.ws/tradercobb    •  The Chart Guys: https://nuggetsne.ws/chartguys Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain: https://nuggetsne.ws/bccollective — ⚡️ Share your favourite part of the video by leaving a timestamp in the comments and you could win—thanks to Wallet of Satoshi—$50 in sats over ⚡️ https://ift.tt/2tDgnYp — 📢 DISCLAIMER 📢 I am not a licensed financial advisor. My views are general in nature and should not be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research before investing any money.
via YouTube https://youtu.be/ENCfkERtDMA


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