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Monday, 16 December 2019

Liked on YouTube: 25 Crypto Mega Theses with Multicoin’s Kyle Samani

25 Crypto Mega Theses with Multicoin’s Kyle Samani

Multicoin Capital is one of the best known crypto-focused funds worldwide. The team subscribes to three major theses in the space. These are: open finance, Web3, and stateless currencies. In this episode Brendan and by Kyle Samani from Multicoin to dive into how Kyle sees the future for the crypto space play out. The interview goes into the role of centralized exchanges and implications for the ecosystem, starting with taking a look at Binance’s approach that Multicoin has dubbed “blitzscaling”. Brendan and Kyle further explore networked liquidity and the DeFi ecosystem discussing who might dominate in the space of protocols, aggregators and robo-advisors if non-crypto players with better distribution channels join the space. During the second part of the podcast, Kyle and Brendan dive into Multicoin investments like Torus and Solana and the role that Kyle sees these projects playing in advancing crypto adoption. Finally, Kyle shares his views on a multi-chain environment and the two discuss shared security approaches and associated challenges. Multicoin Website: https://ift.tt/2vKTFfM Kyle Samani Twitter: https://twitter.com/KyleSamani Binance Blitzscaling Blog Post: https://ift.tt/2WWc4FM Torus Blog Post: https://ift.tt/2RZRfsq Kyle’s Argument against Sharding: https://ift.tt/2STAayB Chorus One: https://chorus.one Chorus One Twitter: https://twitter.com/chorusone Chorus One Telegram: https://t.me/chorusone
via YouTube https://youtu.be/fH_XFdcwM7g


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