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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Liked on YouTube: Rational Male 101 • Women's Entitlements

Rational Male 101 • Women's Entitlements

Why do women feel a default sense of Entitlement today? The Rational Male: https://ift.tt/2REl2H8 https://ift.tt/1qhfOj0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE RATIONAL MALE - 101 • Episode #50 In this episode: • Why do women feel entitled to children, an ideal husband, rewarding careers? • Why are women afforded a default respect while men must earn it? • Why do women (and feminized men) get upset when a man suggest things they might do to improve their lives? • Should women every have to earn anything in life? • Why do women feel entitled to personal safety? • Why do we presume that women know what's best for themselves? • How do women leverage this default entitlement to their own benefit? • If women know what's best for themselves why is this generation of women the most unhappy of any on record? • Why do we resist the idea of entitlement for men? • Are women entitled to the optimization of Hypergamy? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELEVANT LINKS: https://ift.tt/2joOstq https://ift.tt/2DUSIG1 https://ift.tt/2CekMWy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT THE SHOW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✔ Donate through Patreon: https://ift.tt/2JHCMib ✔ PayPal: rtrationalmale@gmail.com ✔ Donate: https://ift.tt/2U9nPtw ✔ Bitcoin: 3BE2gnokeYFEwrw1PtTdWJpTK2W3Cnu8Gt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT THE SHOW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♦ Facebook: https://ift.tt/2E9PpwN ♦ Instagram: https://ift.tt/2JGlmCQ ♦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RationalMale ♦ Gab.ai: https://ift.tt/2UaG9lU ♦ Reddit: https://ift.tt/2JHEBMi ♦ Email: rtrationalmale@gmail.com ♦ Check out the gear I use to produce the show: https://ift.tt/35kmoug Positive book reviews really help too, thanks: https://ift.tt/2REl2H8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LISTEN TO THE RATIONAL MALE ON AUDIBLE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can start a new Audible subscription today and instantly get The Rational Male on Audible FREE as your first download. Please use the following affiliate links to start your subscription: THE RATIONAL MALE https://ift.tt/2UcscDU THE RATIONAL MALE – PREVENTIVE MEDICINE https://ift.tt/2UcscDU THE RATIONAL MALE – POSITIVE MASCULINITY https://ift.tt/2JQz7yW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Pat Campbell Show • Get in touch with Pat & Listen Live every Friday 11am EST ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://ift.tt/2P8iFdH https://ift.tt/34avIQa https://ift.tt/38i3JBk https://twitter.com/PC1170 https://ift.tt/2UcDDeU
via YouTube https://youtu.be/PvLdEgi4sjc


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