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Sunday, 1 March 2020

Liked on YouTube: Osama -- A young Afghan girl hopes to pass as a boy to survive

Osama -- A young Afghan girl hopes to pass as a boy to survive

A DVD of this feature can be purchased through Amazon: https://ift.tt/39ge6Wk Please order a DVD copy. The production company needs the money to make future productions. 9 February, 2020, I tried to find the Osoma DVD on Amazon. Not available. I encourage the producers of the movie to make more copies and stock Amazon. As of today, 10 February, more than 300,000 people throughout the world viewed this low-quality upload. Please make your DVD available. Make money, make more productions. -------------------------------------------------------------- 0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a different view of Afghanistan, click on this link: https://youtu.be/SHZMQA8alTI --------------------------------------------------------------0--------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, women may not work. Widows without fathers, brothers, or sons face starvation. In desperation, a widowed doctor with no male relatives, cuts the hair of her daughter in hope of her daughter earning the money for survival. This story deserves world recognition and viewing by all decent people who do not know of the crimes of the Taliban. In viewing the feature, remember, the Taliban continue to repress, starve, beat, torture, and murder the women in their villages. None of their actions are dictated by Islam. A quick reading of the Holy Koran and hadith, reveals their terror as perversions of Islam and age-old Pashtun traditions.
via YouTube https://youtu.be/GbqGZS2QN2s


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